According to the new President of the United States, Joe Biden said that he would decriminalize marijuana as he thinks that it should not be illegal.

Democrats promised before the elections that they will come into power and decriminalize marijuana. It would be quite foolish to think that a political party will come into power and try to bring about an executive order to decriminalize marijuana. But all of this happened back in 2020, when Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, who are now the President and the Vice President of the United States, when they said that if they come into power and they will bring about the promise of decriminalizing marijuana. The order will legalize medical marijuana, as well as keep all of the marijuana related offenses of the citizens to be considered nullified.

Democrats said that no one should be punished for being able to take drugs, as they can help people live their daily lives. Decriminalizing medical marijuana will help many people live better lives, this order will be passed very soon according to the democrats.

Ever since Joe Biden came into power, he has made quite a few executive orders, and this one is one of them that needs to happen. So far, his administration is somewhat busy with the stimulus plans as well as the current impeachment of Donald Trump. Millions of Americans are locked up for having marijuana, this order needs to be looked at and addressed as soon as possible, by the US President.


Joe Biden has always been mixed about legalizing or just not supporting the drug’s use. He has gone from going against the drug from the 1980’s war on drugs to openly supporting it. One thing is for sure, whether he supports it or not, one thing is set in stone that he will expunge all the cases related to marijuana. Other than marijuana being legalized by President Joe Biden is yet to be seen, although it was in the 2020 democratic plan.





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