Internet Outages are a lot common these days and to be honest, these are inevitable. Even if you spend hundreds of dollars on your connection, there will be a situation that no one imagined would arise and become the cause of this outage. This will leave you stranded and you will not be able to do what you were doing on the internet.

Many people think that outages are under the control of internet service providers. Ideally, no internet provider exists that has not undergone or will not undergo an internet outage in the future. The only factor you should be considering is that the provider must have excellent customer service and a technical department to get you going. We recommend Spectrum cable because of its excellent customer service. The outages can be monitored from the Spectrum app and the technical team is trained to handle all forms of outages.

Otherwise, a faulty connection can really interrupt your communication in this modern age where all the aspects of our lives depend on a strong internet connection. Therefore, even a slight issue makes us lose track. In this pandemic, we have to stay at home for the greater good. This means that more and more users will use the internet to kill time making cyberspace a bit crowded and these outages are inevitable.  Here are some of the most common causes of internet outage:

Power Failure

The power outage or failure at your home or office may be the obvious reason for an internet outage. However, if these power outages are frequent, the unstable power supply may permanently damage your internet cables and equipment. This may become a persistent problem if the power supply becomes a bit stable afterward.

Nevertheless, always keep in mind that just because your home or office has power does not necessarily mean that there is not a power outage upstream directly from your network. Perhaps, your internet may rely on a repeater installed on the telephone poles miles ways, and in case that area has an outage, you are likely to be affected.

Equipment Failure

Whenever you experience an outage, before calling the ISP, just check if there is any change in the setup. However, before starting troubleshoot just exclude the possibility of equipment failure as any recent change in the hardware may have caused a network blackout. All the interconnected elements of a network may come with a recurring fault creating a network disruption. Even a partial failure in one of the components may create a complete network failure.

Moreover, there are chances that your equipment is not grounded causing short circuits and damage to the modem or cable because of power fluctuations. These power fluctuations may be the cause of confusion between the modems and switches. Similarly, the incompatibility between the hardware and firmware may cause some issues with the connection. This is a rare scenario though but we cannot rule out its possibility. If there is an issue, it is better to consult a technician before updating your devices to the latest firmware. Most of the technical issues can be sorted out just by replacing the faulty equipment with the latest hardware.

Network congestion

In this pandemic, more and more people are getting internet service every day. To meet this ever-increasing demand of the people, the ISPs have to work really hard to cater to this increased load. If a lot of people use the same internet lines, the network may become congested causing an outage. Network congestion results in a temporary blackout in areas where a vast majority of the users try to access the network. Frequent attempts slow down the internet speed. Congestion is a common phenomenon in malls and cafes over public Wi-Fi.

Weather Disasters

The outage varies from connection to connection. Connections like cable, DSL, and fiber are less likely to face an outage as a result of a weather disaster. Satellite internet is often disrupted by storms, rain, or winds. However, hurricanes, high winds, floods, and storms may disrupt all forms of the internet. The result could be damaging to the equipment and lost connection.

People and Animals

People or animals may cause damage to the network infrastructure disrupting your internet connection.


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