The cord-cutting trend is leading and booming across the world with the accessibility of streaming services. Streaming services are user-friendly, cheaper than all the other options in the market, comes with unlimited content of libraries which you can watch anytime, can be watched on any compatible device, and when not at home too. OTT services have become great travel partners, and help a lot of people with social awkwardness as they can divert themselves with their favorite show or movie anytime.

The list of features and advantages that come with streaming services are many and too tempting. However, let’s first understand the essential difference between IPTV services and OTT services.

OTT stands for, Over the Top, it has video streaming through publicly available Internet service. That’s the reason it is called Over the Top. While IPTV is a short form of Internet Protocol TV brings the audio and video content to the computers joined to the network that is dependent on the IP (Internet protocol).

Since IPTV is the distribution of TV content over IP (Internet Protocol) networks, therefore, a customer media player could begin showing the content for example a channel on your TV almost instantly. This process is recognized as streaming media.

In comparison to TV providers, streaming services lack in terms of channel selection.

Cable and Satellite lack in providing the benefits that streaming services offer to their customers.

  • Except for a few cable providers, you’ll not have to make long-term commitments (more than a month) with a TV streaming service.
  • You get DVR storage and the feature of streaming on multiple devices.
  • The stats of ASCI (American Customer Satisfaction Index) show that the streaming industry got 76 out of 100 points for customer satisfaction. It is high when you compare it with the score of cable television services altogether, which managed to get 62 out of 100 points.

If you still can’t decide which one has more advantages, here is a simple way to figure things out. Note down the channels you can get on the cable TV service and compare it with the cable, satellite, or other streaming services. You’ll more likely end up preferring streaming services because of more features and their user-friendly characteristics. Here are a few things you need to consider:

Viewing habits – Are you someone who loves flipping TV channels with the remote? You can’t get rid of this habit. Thus, it is better to keep using cable TV. Some people prefer to have hundreds of channels for themselves and their households or friends. For an all-inclusive list of channels, we would suggest you must have a look into  Spectrum TV Silver. Sometimes it’s nice to pick from dozens of channels from the long list at your disposal.

Favorite programs – Can you watch your favorite programs with a TV antenna, or are they available through cable TV? Write down the names and the channels they’re broadcasted on, maybe? So you can keep track.

Internet Service – If you are one of those people who use the internet for checking emails and browsing, you might want to check the prices for unlimited or upgraded internet packages. Speaking of advances of cable TV over IP streaming, internet data and bill is certainly something you won’t have to worry about while using Cable TV.

Price – What is the difference between the prices of the internet plans? You’ll note that using the internet with a TV bundle would be a cost-effective choice. Or you might find a skinny bundle, customized, or basic package that does everything you want it to do for you.

Negotiation – Do you have a friendly relationship with your internet service provider? If so, you have to figure out if your ISP can offer you a discount or add more features at the same price. Do your research, compare market prices, and maybe negotiate or request them to share a discounted offer.

Sports – Do you love watching sports? You better think twice or maybe thrice before switching to streaming services. A cable TV plan would be the best choice to offer unlimited access to sports channels. You may be able to the same with select streaming services now, but it would cost you more.


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