Recently Twitter banned President Donald Trump from its platform because of inciting riots at the Capitol.

Many of the employees of Twitter have locked or even deleted their accounts, they have gotten rid of any pictures, any information, any address that might lead the Trump supporters to them because they fear for their life after Twitter banned President Donald Trump permanently from its platform mainly because Trump incited the riots that happened in the Capitol due to the Tweets he tweeted in the recent week. Many of the executives of Twitter have been given strict security because of banning of its most polarizing figure on the platform.

Twitter banned Trump’s Twitter account because they said that it could cause more riots in the future as the country was going through post elections and the right-wing supporters were not happy with the results. The account got suspended on 8th January, and just two days before that the president told his supporters during a rally that they have to be strong and show strength and that they have to fight harder, motivating them to go do riots at the Capitol. Trump said that the Vice President Mike Pence could not do what needed to be done because he lacked courage and later, he posted a tweet saying that he loves them. Because of this, Donald Trump got impeached again because his tweets had a chance of causing more violence at the Capitol.

After Twitter, all the other platforms also banned President Donald Trump incase his words could pose a threat to the general public even more. Snapchat, Twitch, and Facebook, all of them banned the President saying that they do not want to be a part of such a controversy by the President of the United States itself. Facebook said that it is too risky to let the President use their service right now. Everyone is saying that banning Trump from major platforms was the right decision, considering what went on at the Capitol.




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