There are going to be verification about the information that is being posted on the application from now on.

TikTok has started a new safety feature, this safety feature will alert the users about the fact that the information that is being displayed in the video was not checked by fact-checkers at all and should be consumed by one’s own choice. The platform will now alert the users that the video has information that is not fact-checked and should think twice before sharing the videos.

The application will now showcase this information about the video that is not fact-checked at all: “Caution: Video flagged for unverified content”. This message will pop-up and will alert the users from now on that the video they are watching does not have information that is verified. This message basically in literal terms means that the video was checked by a fact-checked but that fact-checking person could not find relevant information to verify the things said in the video. Now, the videos that will be flagged and will have this warning label of not being fact-checked won’t be easily seen in the timeline of the application, distribution of such videos will be reduced so that false information is not spread and does not harm anyone later on.

Now people who are going to share such videos will have a notification that will tell them this: “sure you want to share this video?”. TikTok will ask them, and then the user will have the choice whether they want to share it or not. This notification is featured so that users can think twice before sharing false information. So, any video that has misinformation will be removed from now on according to the new policy of TikTok.





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