According to Fakespot, Shopify is said to have almost 21 percent of fake stores on it that can have a negative effect when it comes to customers and sellers utilizing this platform to buy/sell things.

Shopify’s main feature is for a business to go digital in an easy way, it helps the business set itself up and sell the specific products that they want to sell. Because of Shopify, many businesses have thrived in the coronavirus pandemic. Businesses that are new, find it easy to use Shopify to make their profits without having to go digital by themselves as at the start they do not have the capacity or the budget to go online by themselves—therefore Shopify provides them exactly that.

But, according to a research done by Fakespot, more than 25,000 stores are deemed as fake or engaging in fraudulent activities. These 25,000 stores were being called as problematic sellers by Fakespot, which is a service that checks the authentication of e-commerce websites. These stores were scamming people evidently and some of these stores had negative remarks from the customers. And a few of them had zero transactions done in their entire business history on Shopify.

Shopify knew about this and said that they are always catching such fraudsters as it is their job to do that. If they do not catch such fakes then the authenticity and the importance of the website will be lost. Thousands of fake stores have been terminated by Shopify which is why this website aids millions of businesses and powers them in order to earn profit. Shopify is made for small businesses; it is made to help them grow. Shopify will continue to hunt down the fake stores in order to clean itself and maintain its track record.




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