Amazon HQ was wanted by Arlington, Virginia for a long time and now they are getting it in the shape of a poop emoji!

Amazon has become creative with its new design of its headquarters. It is going far and wide, by wide, we literally mean wide as it is the shape of a poop emoji. In a literal sense, the headquarters’ design is not a poop emoji exactly, it is a swirling building which will be covered in trees which will go to the top till the point it will align with the other buildings of the city. It will be quite eye-catching and something uncanny and out of the ordinary.

While people are calling the design a poop emoji, Amazon is calling it “The Helix”, as it takes the inspiration from it. Although, it cannot be avoided that the design bares an uncanny resemblance to the poop emoji that people use a lot on social media. Although it may look like a poop emoji, the building being shiny and covered with trees takes that perspective of a poop emoji away from it entirely. It looks pretty, and something that will catch the eyes of a pedestrian as they walk by. The moment people will see this building, they will think that this is Amazon’s new headquarter and the second thing they will see and think is that it looks like a poop.

Amazon has planned that it will give public tours, people can hike up on the swirling design that it will have, and the building will be 350 ft. tall. The inside of the building will have numerous features that will help and aid the Amazon employees working there. So far, the building’s design is in the realm of being a proposal, it has yet to take approval from before it starts being constructed.








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