Once is going to be expanded after being bought by Dating Group.

The slow dating application called Once has been officially bought by Dating Group for a price of 18 million dollars. Dating Group is the biggest dating company in the world. There are over 70 million users that are registered on Dating Group.

Clementine Lalande, who is the CEO as well as the co-founder of the Once dating app is given a two-year contract where she will be leading the application under the Dating Group company. Jean Meyer who is the fellow co-founder of the Once dating application has gotten his stake in the company back after two years of being departed.

The Once dating application has a total of 1 million users registered. Once has an algorithm that only matches one person with another person in one day, that is why it is called slow dating, unlike Tinder and Bumble app. Bumble as compared to Tinder does not allow the user to spam or do countless matches, instead it is somewhat similar to Once, and they also reported that their users are taking time to get to know each other properly due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions being imposed by the governments.

Due to the Bumble app, many users have come to the conclusion that they want to meet someone serious, and because of this situation, the Once dating app comes into play as it carefully matches a user with another user by doing extensive research. A pair can talk and interact with each other for a total of 24 hours, if they both like each, they have the right to continue talking and interacting. Once is a proper dating application for people who want something serious due to its AI that matches the person with the best possible match.





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