As an accident, the CIA has collected valuable information regarding the environment during the Cold War. This information taken through photographs has become vital in order to understand the environment of the Earth and to study it properly. This info has come in two stories—the first story is about spy satellites and the second story is about a scientist who researched them for several years.

Linda Zall, who is a former CIA worker, lead a team for decades that studied and researched the images provided by the spy satellite regarding the Earth. These images were used for the study of environment of the Earth. Although, the extreme secrecy of the CIA didn’t aid in the vital work that Linda Zall and her team did, but it led a path for the future scientists on the continuation of the research of the environmental shifts. The images, which were classified are now being used by numerous scientists in order to understand the world more properly and learn what has been the movement of the glaciers ever since 1960 to the 1972.

Stories of using images from spy satellite you should read regarding the studies of the Earth’s environment.


Immense information has been given to the scientists because of the Corona satellite although there are more images to be taken out of the film that are to be scanned later on. This vast information wouldn’t have been available for the scientists if it weren’t for the CIA’s spy satellite. The data that was collected later on after 1972 wasn’t enough to be able to accurately predict what might come in the future. What Linda Zall did and what the Corona satellite has provided is nothing more than a miracle which will help scientists understand the future changes of the environment more in depth.





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