The reason they say is that Section 230 gives the citizen the freedom of expression and that it is their human right to express themselves.

75 activist groups as well as nonprofit organizations are urging against the elimination of the Section 230 which is part of the Communications Decency Act as this could keep the minorities silenced and this can make the online moderation even harder.

Section 230 gives right to the US citizens to be free and express themselves however they want and it protects their digital speech. This law helps the websites to not get sued because it protects the content generated by the users of different communities, therefore they can express themselves however they are. It also makes these websites safe to use as users won’t feel like they are or might be attacked for who they are as people. The activists say that if the Section 230 is halted or changed in some way it could make some of the voices of the minorities not be heard, and they will be ignored like how they used to be ignored back in the days by media outlets.

This letter that was sent to the new President of the United States by the activist groups consisted of sex workers, racial justice workers, free speech activists etc. This letter is directed towards President Joe Biden and the Congress, because both of them have thought about changing the Section 230.

The activists said that when the voice of minorities is taken away, like how they were taken away due to the FOSA-SESTA rule in 2018, much of the content of prostitutes was blocked and it made it hard to find the people that were being trafficked in the online world. The voices of sex workers were being silenced due to this rule, and these activists want to overrule this law as well. Time will tell if Section 230 is changed or not and what President Joe Biden will do about it.





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