Snapchat is ready to take us near to Joe Biden when he is about to become the next President of the United States.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, not many things and events have been possible. The only thing that has been possible is via technology. Seeing what happened on January 6th and due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Inauguration Day of Joe Biden as the next US President will look immensely different from what we have seen before.

Firstly, the Inauguration Day will be different because it won’t have the previous President to pass on the responsibility to the new President, because President soon to be ex-President Donald Trump, who got impeached the second time for inciting violence at the Capitol is not allowed to participate in the Inauguration Day.

For Joe Biden’s Inauguration as the next President of the US, Fall Out Boy and Lady Gaga will participate and showcase their artistic expertise to celebrate with the supporters of Joe Biden. But since the atmosphere won’t be completely recreated, Snapchat came to the rescue by announcing a new feature that will take the user to the Capitol as if they are there, so they can make videos and take photos to share on social media to support the future President of the United States in solidarity.

The filter of Snapchat will look like this, it will really create the mood for people as the confetti falls on them in a realistic manner.

Here is the look:

Snapchat will launch the Inauguration Day lens for Joe Biden because of lock-down reasons.



Despite the ongoing pandemic, technology has greatly reduced the distance between people, although the inauguration of Joe Biden is going to be vastly different, it will still do all the previous things that other future Presidents go through, except for the transfer of responsibility from previous to the new President.





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