This is the most vital law when it comes to online speech.

The Section 230 which is related to the Communications Decency Act that was passed in the year 1996, which basically says that any tech service, and computer related service won’t be responsible for the content that is posted by any third-party. For example, if some radical person from a terrorist group posts something offensive on Facebook, it won’t make Facebook be a part of any legal ramifications—Facebook will be immune to it all. This is what the Section 230 is all about. It protects the websites, but the user can still have legal cases happen to them.

Senator Ron Wyden from the Democratic Party and Republican Chris Cox created the Section 230 in order for the website owners to look over their content and protect their website without any legal ramifications. But it seems that the website owners have somehow abused this law and do not care about the content that is posted on their platforms, often times it is offensive and wrong.

The First Amendment and the Section 230, are kind of the same, but one is for real life while the other is for the online world. But both can interchange with each other because of private companies having their own policies on hate speech etc. This makes the content that is posted on the website directly linked with the website owners, it makes them responsible in some way to monitor what is being said and being posted there.

President Donald Trump wants the full repeal of the Section 230 because he thinks that if the media and the websites are not moderated, they can be used as a tool to brainwash people through bias. Trump has tried to pass this bill with the 2000-dollar stimulus check in hopes the bill could be passed in the senate easily.




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