Samsung seems to have been close to releasing a new Tile-like device to track missing objects. The tracker, possibly called the Galaxy SmartTag, has been leaked out over the following months, but there’s some talk it might be revealed next to the Galaxy S21 later in January.

The Galaxy SmartTag would use Bluetooth to connect to nearby devices and broadcast its location, so owners would be able to locate it later if they lost whatever it was connected to. It’s going to be powered by a removable button cell battery, according to the GSMArena regulatory filing, so you won’t have to chuck it out and buy a new one when the batteries die.

Samsung’s monitor sounds an awful lot like a tile, and obviously it’s going to look a lot like one, too. Leaks display the SmartTag as a small square with curved edges and a hole at one edge to fit through a keychain or lanyard. Pictures of the product filed with the Taiwan Telecom Regulator were published by 91mobiles and match up with an image of the gadget leaked from the Samsung SmartThings app.

So far, it’s not obvious that Samsung has been doing something out of the norm here—it seems to be a fairly normal fare item tracker. Samsung launched a tracker back in 2018 that was linked to cell phone networks for continuous monitoring. More importantly, in October, Samsung released an app that helps holders of its devices locate their current devices using Bluetooth, which appears to be the base for the upcoming SmartTag.

Although, this may seem like more negative things for Tile, because Apple is reported to have an object tracker throughout the works, too. That might mean two big new rivals in a year’s time, if each of these devices were actually delivered.




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