FiveThirtyEight are trying to make attempts in order to change the minds of anti-vaxxers.

One thing for sure is that there is always a counter of another thing, there are people who believe in vaccination and then there are anti-vaxxers, who do not believe in it, even if you show them the proof of it. Vaccination of COVID-19 is the best way to decrease the cases of this pandemic. Aside from this COVID-19 threat, there is another threat looming around the social media website, called “Anti-Vaxxers”, this is somewhat of a disease, or a threat, as these people are trying to spread misinformation on FB in order to disregard the vaccinations for COVID-19. You should read all the things that the anti-waxxers are doing on the FiveThirtyEight article report.

Facebook has taken the necessary steps to stop the spread of such misinformation when it comes to the vaccination process of the COVID-19 vaccine. Facebook has removed all the false claims related to the vaccines made for COVID-19. They are also removing and banning the advertisements that might discourage people to vaccinate themselves due to the misinformation being spread on the website.

Many pro-vaccine activists are doing their very best to disregard such misinformation that might increase the chances of people still getting infected even though working vaccines have already been developed. There has been constant effort to stop such misinformation, groups like CICADA are doing their best to do exactly that, but the minds are quite hard to change.

Facebook’s advertisement can easily grab anyone’s attention and make them believe whatever it shows, this is something that Facebook needs to work on fast as possible. Facebook needs to revamp its design and algorithm so that the pandemic can be put on hold and the world can recover from this with working vaccines. Read the whole article report on FiveThirtyEight.




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