The crew of The Equity have predicted what is going to happen in 2021. So, what could go south in 2021, the crew talked about a few of the things that might happen next year. Equity, which is TechCrunch’s podcast, where they unpack the headlines and go in detail with them. The prediction episode of The Equity went hard on what will or can happen, Chris Gates joins this podcast and talks about the predictions as well. You don’t necessarily have to agree with everything the guys at The Equity predict but as they say it is all in good fun and nothing is to be taken seriously, everything should be taken as a “maybe”.

This episode of The Equity will be the last episode of 2020, the crew hasn’t told what their plans might be for 2021, but they are sure a lot of fun and amazing things will come on the podcast, and that they are planning a busy year.

So, the predictions The Equity crew gave were that the companies might not be too keen on diversity because they will be fearful of the virus in 2021 that plagued 2020. Tech companies might include more diversity as an exception since many people are in the IT business. Quizlet and Duolingo that attained immeasurable success in 2020 might not get the same success in 2020 because of the vaccines rolling out and people getting back to their normal lifestyles. Therefore, these two might go public next year. TikTok and Zoom, which helped and entertained us the whole year might not be as big in 2021. LSD will be making a huge comeback, since everyone will be in party mode. 2021 will all be about drugs. Vaccines will make huge strides. Automated self-driving cars will become a reality.

These are all the predictions The Equity crew made in the last episode of theirs in 2020. You can check The Equity crew on Apple, Spotify, Podcasts, and Overcast as well as other casts on Monday, 7 am PST and on afternoon on Thursday.




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