Siri has a clever tactic: the ability to perform real-world audio samples on order and it’s going to start playing the music for you. If you ask for an iPhone or an iPad, it will also show you a picture. Google Assistant has been trying to do this for a couple of years now, but now it’s eligible for iPhone, iPad, and HomePod.

Apple hasn’t revealed how many noises it has added, but it’s been able to handle most of the animals I’ve been asking for (except for some mysterious ones that I’m not sure they have a real recognizable noise, like an anteater). At the time, noises appear to be confined to animals, cars, and musical instruments.

Intriguingly, there are samples for different dog breeds, so you can hear what the mastiff sounds like compared to the Shih Tzu. There are quite a few things that Siri doesn’t have sound samples for, and in some cases (like when asked what people sound like) they wouldn’t even try. As you can tell from the end of the video, Siri is Siri—technical flaws and all that. The feature may also be useful if you have children who I’ve heard are always asking what kind of things they sound like. It’s also helpful when someone in your family says that foxes sound like people crying, and you just need to know whether they’re right.

Here are some examples of what you may ask, through Apple:

“Hey Siri, what’s the sound of a humpback whale, what do fire engines sound like, what’s the sound of a toy canoe, and what’s the sound of a flute?”

The latest functionality is part of iOS 14.3, which added privacy labels to the App Store, supports the Fitness+ workout program, and addresses a text message alert bug, according to Apple.




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