The people that have been found dead are miners, the number of miners that have died are 9 while the 11 others have been rescued. These 11 miners were rescued after two weeks of being stuck in the gold mine. This happened in the Shandon province of China.

The information was given by the Yantai city mayor. The reason the miners were stuck is because while they were mining gold, there was a blast that happened on 10th of January, and it blocked the Hushan mine where they were working. This blockage lasted for two weeks until the miners were rescued. Despite 9 lives not coming out alive, 11 did, and there was some joy for the families. The mayor further said that the rescuers did their best, they worked nonstop to try to find the miners as soon as possible, but despite their best efforts, the 9 were found dead. The bodies of all the miners who died have been taken out.

The reason the rescuers could save the miners quickly, even though it was expected that it would take them more weeks to find them, while checking the place, the well suddenly fell which gave the rescuers a way to take the miners out in time. The first person that was rescued was seen with a blindfold, the moment he was found, the crowd cheered, the family of the miner gasped in joy, and he was instantly given the necessary treatment as his condition was deemed extremely weak. And in just half hour more, 10 other miners were rescued.

The miners survived by first letting the outside know that they are alive, the let a note out, and made a small hole, from where food was sent down. After being rescued, the miners just wanted to eat some sausages as they were eating porridge for two weeks.





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