These earbuds sit above, not inside the ear.

The best thing about the ears is that you can hear what is going on in the outside world easily and at the same time you can listen to what the earbuds are conveying. Bose’s newest earbuds are a marvel, they are called Sport Open Earbuds, which are specifically designed to keep the wearer aware of their surroundings and at the same time letting them hear music, podcast, or anything from the earbuds. Other earbuds block out the ambient noise while Bose’s Sport Open Earbuds do not do this at all, because they are worn on the outside.

Being aware of the situation you are in is an important thing especially in this fast-paced world where everyone is too busy to even pay attention to the things in front of them. Bose’s Sport Open Earbuds help you be aware of the place you are in while you are jogging or driving, you can always stay safe in case something alarming can happen when it comes to sounds of the outside world. They sit outside the ear—not inside, and only the wearer can hear what the earbuds are playing. Even when the volume is turned to the highest.

In one charge, the user can use the earbuds for maximum 8 hours. It is water resistant as well as dust resistant with an amazing rating which is IPX4. These earbuds can support Bluetooth 5.1. Each earbud has a button, one button is for controlling playback and the other button is to pair with the voice assistant of the phone. In order to make calls, the user can utilize the built-in microphones. The earbuds come with a charging as well as a carrying case.

For the time being, these earbuds are only sold in the United States for a price of 199.95 dollars. Pre-ordering starts today, and the earbuds will finally be available in the middle of Jan.





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