This new update gives LG Wing’s dual screen a smooth experience.

LG’s double screen Wing was considered the most innovative feature in smartphones for 2020. Although the design was incredibly unique and fresh, the software of the smartphone held it back from getting the recognition it deserved. Just for that reason, a new update has been rolled out to address these issues.

The new update will help the smartphone in many ways, one such way it will help is by making it a lot easier for the user to transfer the applications from the small screen to the big screen, which previously had to be done by engaging with the settings in the menu. The apps can be sent to the bigger screen by using the send button, and there is another feature, which is the restart button, this restart button will restart the app if it transfers over to the big screen poorly. Finger gestures can be used to transfer the apps to the big screen as well. LG has also added the name of the applications in the normal mode similar to how one sees in a standard Android phone.

LG has also added the media controls to every single app that one can use on the big screen, previously it could only be done on YouTube and apps similar to it. But now one can do it on their Netflix app as well as others.

Furthermore, the update also includes the feature of scanning QR codes automatically with the camera application, and a 5G icon matching it, which is complemented with a new wallpaper adding feature as well.

Anyone who owns an LG Wing can update their software and enjoy these features. Updating is simple, just get into the settings of the phone and go to software update section.




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