This is something that every retro Sonic fan would love to hear!

Sonic the Hedgehog has been in the hearts and minds of so many gamers, the blue speedster started running all the way back in the 1990s with great background songs, flexible and fluid-looking levels, and a hedgehog that is blue and spiky. Sonic’s franchise got etched into the minds of people, it became a household name, similar to Mario. Sonic further introduced other characters like Tails, Knuckles, Amy etc. And then the beloved Super Sonic form. All-in-all, what all of this means is that Sonic is a beloved franchise and this is why a fan of Sonic inspired Lego to make a Sonic Mania styled Lego set.


Sonic Mania is a game that is similar to the retro games, it is loved by die-hard Sonic fans, who love the side-scroll Sonic games to death. Seeing this, Lego decided to make a Sonic Mania styled Lego set. The concept design for the Sonic Mania styled Lego set has been released as it has all the classic Sonic character designs. It has a Green Hill Zone, the most recognizable zone in the entire franchise, it has Doctor Eggman as well as his Death Egg Robot, which just straight-up looks great!


Lego is becoming even more creative; they are making a Sonic Mania styled Lego set that was inspired by a fan.


This concept was given to Lego by a fan in the UK, who is Viv Grannel through the Lego Ideas initiative. It got more than 10,000 votes and was chosen by the Lego company. Lego has just recently talked about making it official, there is no set date as to when it will get released, but one thing is for sure that it has been greenlit, so it is only a matter of time.





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