The country of Singapore has officially given the green signal to putting laboratory grown chicken meat on the market. It is the first-ever meat that is not coming out of the process of slaughtering.

The decision has given the green signal to the startup called “Eat Just” which is based in San Francisco, to start selling laboratory-grown chicken meat. The chicken meat that is laboratory-made is to be used in making nuggets for the startup, but the startup still hasn’t made it clear when exactly they will be making it public and available.

The reason laboratory meat is being made is because of the welfare of the animals and the health complications that unhealthy slaughtered meat can bring to people and the environment.

According to Barclays, the alternative meat market will be huge in the next decade or so due to rising concerns for animals being abused and slaughtered excessively and it affecting the environment.

Laboratory grown chicken

These days, meat made of plants is being sold and is available in restaurants and supermarkets, such as Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat. But the San Francisco based startup says that their product will be vastly different as it is not made of plants, it is rather made of animal muscle cells carefully in a laboratory. The company considered this a major breakthrough when it comes to the global food industry. In the past 10 years, there have been numerous startups that have come and have tried to bring an alternative to meat eaters, but they always fallen short. Two of the biggest companies that are trying to bring laboratory made meat into the general market are Memphis Meats, which is owned by Bill Gates and Future Meat, which is Israel-based.

The challenges still remain, as said by the CEO of Eat Just, because laboratory grown meat made of animal muscle cells is a little more expensive as compared to meat made of plants. Eat Just has said that it will sell their nuggets at a price of 50 dollars, they also said the price will come down but it will still be the same price as premium chicken. The initial reaction of the customers might be different, but Singapore approving the Eat Just’s laboratory made meat from the muscle cells of animals, will most likely bring customers eventually, and this might also motivate other nations to do the same.


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