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Jon Callas Joins Electronic Frontier Foundation – How He Came to Join the Team

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Jon Callas, a Cryptographer, and Entrepreneur join the Electronic Frontier Foundation as Technology Projects Director. He is an award-winning researcher in the fields of security and privacy, specializing in Internet Security and Privacy.

Jon has been a long time advocate for free markets and small businesses in the information technology realm, working to help reduce the cost of broadband services while expanding broadband access. He was previously the Manager of Internet Strategy and Policy at the Small Business Administration and was instrumental in the development of Internet Explorer.

Jon brings a wealth of experience in the field of security and privacy to the EFF, serving as a key figure in the development of privacy protection tools and technologies. He is a leading expert on the evolution of communications systems and the challenges posed by the growing trend towards wireless networks. Jon has also worked in government policy, serving as a technical advisor on issues related to information security, privacy, and telecommunications policy.

Jon is currently the Director of Engineering at Imperva, a technology consultancy that works with the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), the Software Freedom Conservancy (SFC), and other organizations on technology-related issues. Imperva was founded in 2020 and is based in San Francisco, California. In a press release on his position at the EFF, Jon stated, “Imperial is an online technology consultancy that provides strategic advice and services related to web hosting, ecommerce, mobile computing and software. Imperva’s clients range from Fortune 500 companies to small start ups.”

Jon will be overseeing the overall development and marketing strategy of the company and will oversee the research and development of its products, as well as being responsible for the firm’s financial resources. Jon will also work closely with the company’s founder and board to identify new and innovative ways in which to expand the use of its services, as well as to continue to foster strong relations with existing clients.

Jon is very excited to take on this role at the EFF, and has already begun to implement some of his key strategies for the coming year. In the coming months, he will be reviewing the company’s current strategy and its future plans for expansion and focus on technology issues. This includes reviewing its marketing strategy, identifying opportunities to grow and develop new relationships with other organizations and individuals in the information technology community, developing a new advertising strategy, as well as implementing new research techniques that will help the company stay ahead of the curve.

Jon is not only looking forward to taking on this role at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, but also is very excited to help shape the future of the organization going forward. He is looking for ways in which the Foundation can broaden its reach across more audiences, while developing a more robust and successful marketing strategy. He will be working with others to ensure the Foundation’s work is used in public awareness campaigns.

Jon is also looking forward to working with others to help expand the public’s awareness of the work the Foundation does. If you would like to learn more about his work or have questions for him, he is always available for email or phone consultations.

The Cryptographer was one of the co-founders of the first ever hacker conference in San Francisco and is recognized as an authority in Internet law. In addition, he has been an outspoken advocate for privacy rights throughout the legal and academic worlds, especially in terms of government surveillance.

After the departure of Jon, Eve will have the opportunity to develop a leadership role for the team and develop stronger ties with the rest of the team and their stakeholders. Once the team is in place, it will be easier for him to expand his expertise, share new ideas, and make the most out of his experience with the team.

Jon is confident that Eve is ready for this challenge and is eager to help the team build on its success in coming years. He looks forward to providing all the resources necessary to ensure the success of the team and the mission of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.