The new thing is the smile of Jeff Bezos has he gets richer and richer every second—or it could just be a very simple clean looking box.

Amazon is finally releasing its newest icon, this new icon is not like the previous ones at all, it is entirely something new and something that defines Amazon as a company. Unlike the previous application redesigns of Amazon’s app, where no difference could be seen instead of just a white background, the new icon brings in freshness and originality to the billion-dollar business.

The newest application design takes its inspiration from somewhere near, and that is the common boxes that Amazon uses to send people’s desired products to their destinations. Amazon’s new design is similar to a brown box, and the main thing that shows it is their box has the blue tape on top of it.

The app was first seen with the newest design on the UK App Store of Apple’s. Many people reported that they saw the newest icon being delivered on their devices as well. It is as if people are getting a new parcel on their phones as the icon basically looks like a parcel from Amazon, but the wrinkle on this online parcel is a big smile.

The application design as compared to other companies is quite original, it is something companies should do. An app should reflect a company’s services and values, and this new design of Amazon’s app does exactly that. The person who designed the new icon for Amazon put everything in the design that the Amazon company is known for, and this is something that will instantly make anyone know the app belongs to Amazon.





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