This question is being asked by many people as many fans of the movie were left flabbergasted when they saw no sequels were announced for the movie during the even that Disney organized

Avatar in Disney


Disney gave the much-awaited information of the slate of movies that they will be developing on their big event. But surprisingly, the sequels of Avatar that were to be rolled out in the next decade as the next thing after MCU, were nowhere to be seen at the event.


There was nothing related to Avatar that was shown at the event, no shows, no movies, nothing that could expand the franchise in any way. While the event was dominated with Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar’s movies and shows, the Avatar franchise was seemingly sidelined. Even though Avatar is supposed to be a shared Universe as well, unlike Disney’s other shared universes, it was not being prioritized at all.


Is Avatar in Disney’s future slate of movies that will drive it into the next decade?

While not being a part of Disney at the start, it was acquired by Disney in 2019 as well as the other proprietaries of 20th Century Fox. Disney has invested 500 million dollars for an exclusive Avatar theme park, but it is uncanny, that the company did not showcase anything about the franchise in its biggest event where investors and fans alike were being informed about what to look out for the next few years.


Many fans are speculating as to why there was no news of Avatar, and part of the reason is that Avatar as a franchise has lost its value. The movie ends on a note where it doesn’t tease any sequels, it could even work as a standalone movie because of its ending. Another reason is that it has lose its prominence, especially after losing to Avengers: Endgame as the highest grossing movie ever. So far, a sequel to Avatar is up in the air, especially when Star Wars and MCU are still running, we might not see it for a few years because of these two mega franchises that Disney owns.



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