The investment is a total of 100 million dollars to fix this. A lot of Peloton’s customers are very upset with the service that they are giving with regards to its shipping. A customer with the name Laura said that she was waiting for the bike she purchased for 1,895 dollars, the machine that was purchased would have to show up at their door step till December, almost around Christmas time, they figured it would come around that time. Laura and her husband were deciding that they would buy the bike throughout the pandemic but as things simmered down, they decided to finally go with it. Therefore, what they did was they ordered it. Peloton said that the bike would not show up around Christmas rather it would come around January, so the couple bought shoes and kept waiting for it for seven long weeks.

Something weird happened, just five days before it would have been delivered—the date given by Peloton was of Jan. 12th, but just five days before it, Peloton sent them a message saying they would have to wait for the bike, in the message it was written, the bike will come after seven more weeks.

In order to fix its month-long delays regarding shipping, Peloton is investing millions in it.


The couple said that the wait made them feel like a big “F*** you” to us, they were disappointed by their late service without any explanation. Peloton has not been able to keep up with the demands of the customers, many customers have been reporting of unusual delays, they are frustrating them. There are reports like this everywhere on social media now.


One user said that they cancelled their bike midway in the delivery process. Another person said that they won’t recommend this brand at all as they have bad customer service. Seeing this Peloton has finally decided to rectify the issue because they were losing customers, they have invested 100 million dollars in it to fix the issue and they are hoping things will fall back into place soon. A representative of Peloton said that majority of the orders were sent on time, but they still admit many customers are facing issues and they will soon resolve them.





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