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How American Express Sets Up Data Analytics Labs at IITM-Mumbai

Analytics Labs

American Express has a new Data Analytics, Software & Technology lab in IIT-Madras. The American Express Data Science, Risk and Technology (DSRT) lab has been inaugurated by Dr. K Srinath Reddy at the IIT-Mumbai.

According to American Express, “The new Data Analytics and Software and Technology lab at IITM has been designed to help students and young professionals in the fields of information science, analytics, software engineering, e-business, web application development and more.” “We are committed to creating an environment in which our clients can thrive,” says Dr. Reddy.

This new data analytics and software lab at IITM are being managed by Dr. Srinath Reddy, who was formerly vice president of information science in North America for IBM. He had been a faculty member at the University of Texas, San Antonio for the last three decades and was previously a professor at Northeastern Illinois University in Evanston, IL. “As a student of the theory of science and technology,” says Dr. Reddy, “I have always been impressed with the importance of the human mind in the functioning of technology.

Dr. Reddy says, “My dream is to see a lab located in the heart of the campus in Hyderabad – at the heart of IIT-Mumbai – which would offer a platform for the exchange of best practices in data science, software engineering, analytics and technology to help graduates and post grads from across the country and globe in India and around the world to develop solutions to their own challenges.” “This lab,” says Dr. Reddy, “will also allow international collaboration, so that all the students across the world can learn from the best practices in India and from the US.”

American Express has set up an Information Technology department in the new Data Science, Risk and Technology lab at IITM-Mumbai. The Information Technology department is headed by Dr. Arun Kumar, who is a former software engineer at Sun Microsystems and now serves as chief executive officer and a senior fellow in the Institute for Computing, Research & Education.

Dr. Kumar says, “This new lab at IITM-Mumbai will enable IIT students to work together to make use of the best practices in the fields of software, analytics and risk in order to create products that are relevant and applicable to the business and the customer. We will also share best practices from the US and abroad.” “We aim to train future leaders in this rapidly emerging domain by helping them understand the latest trends in IT, analytics and risk, so that they can provide solutions to the management and finance departments at companies in the future,” says Kumar.

American Express has also set up a program called RCT Analytics to train IIT Madra students to get into the field and become experts in the field of data analytics. According to the program, “The aim of the RCT Analytics program is to equip students with the tools and techniques of analytics for their respective courses and to prepare them for entry-level analytics jobs that they can apply when they graduate.” According to the program, “The program will help students gain hands-on experience of real-world analytics solutions in the form of projects which will help the students make a contribution to their employers.”

The American Express project is supported by a number of IIT-Mumbai professors and researchers, including Dr. Kumar and Professor K. Srinivasan. They say, “American Express has chosen this highly innovative and exciting project because of its potential to open up many new opportunities for future job openings and to introduce new analytic techniques to students who are pursuing careers in the corporate world.”