The newest feature of Hinge is The Bachelor’s reference. In a tab called Standouts, daters can open good match responses to the Dating app prompts and give someone they’re interested in a “rose.” Users will only receive one free rose per week that renews on Sundays, so they’ll have to buy more to offer out.

One rose is $3.99, six is $19.99, and 12 is $29.99. Tim McGoogan, Chief Product Officer of the brand, says the higher cost point is intended to promote the availability and deep meaning behind getting a rose. If someone is potentially paying $4 to submit a rose, you could weigh them more heavily when determining whether or not to like them back. (Any rose sender would immediately be sent to the top of the people’s match stack, meaning that the sender would certainly be seen when people can check their likes.)

“Because it’s quite well for the user, and also because the roses are so powerful in helping you achieve people that you’re serious in and have a date with them, they become tools worth buying if you want to find a relationship,” MacGougan says, “So that stays true to our mission to help our users find relationships through both what we offer for free and what we offer to buy.”

Hinge App Introduces New Feature

You may submit Roses from the latest Standouts tab or the regular Discover tab. The Standouts tab is changed daily with 10 new users, and only roses can be sent to this tab—not the regular ones. Roses can also be sent to the normal Discover page.

The concept behind labeling a certain one as more unique than another isn’t entirely new. Tinder was the founder of the concept with its Super Like feature, which accomplishes essentially the same mission, but in a less romantic setting. It was just a matter of time that Hinge debuted this form of feature, given that both apps are owned by the Match Community, and Match has been saying that it would be easier to advertise Hinge for multiple quarters. Tinder is Match’s moneymaker, so the business has a vested interest in diversifying and ensuring that the rest of its dating app portfolio is as successful as making money.


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