The Falcon 9 is set for a launch on Thursday night.

This year is going to be a busy year for SpaceX as well as Elon Musk—they are not going to catch a break at all. 2020 was already a busy year for them, but it seems 2021 is filled with more launches than ever before, which is going to keep Elon Musk and his SpaceX company on its toes.

SpaceX starts its busy year by launching a satellite for Turkey for communication purposes. The satellite is called Turksat 5A, it is one of the two next-gen satellites that will be launched into space on Thursday night. SpaceX confirmed this as to be the next thing on their schedule via their website. Their website shows as the launch for the Turkish satellite to be next on schedule and there is a 24-hour backup launch scheduled as well, just in case something unfortunate comes up.

Here is how you can watch the first ever launch of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 in 2021.

The satellite will ride along with the Falcon 9 booster which will take it into space to orbit the Earth. This launch will be something very normal for SpaceX as they do this usually, but doing the launch at night time will be something everyone should gear up to see—it will be a sight to see, similar to a shooting star.

Currently, the Falcon 9 is ready to blast-off into space during the time period of 4 hours starting from 5:28 pm till 9:28 pm. The weather will be in favor of SpaceX. People can’t wait for the next launch as everyone on social media is excited to see it go off at night, especially. Seeing this as the next thing on SpaceX’s schedule makes it a year that will be the busiest year for them to date.


Here is how you can watch it:


Go to this YouTube link of SpaceX’s channel, which will livestream it all:










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