ACLU is suing FBI’s phone-hacking laboratory—wants to know what goes on there?

FBI’s phone-hacking is being inquired by the ACLU through the process of suing.

The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) went for a lawsuit against the FBI’s phone-hacking lab. According to ACLU, FBI is quietly hacking into the iPhone without anyone’s knowledge. The hacking department, according to the ACLU is the forensic unit of the FBI known as EDAU (Electronic Device Analysis Unit).


ACLU says that the FBI is tampering with the encryption of the phones and laptops so that it can be vulnerable to hackers, identity thieves, and also governments that have no regard for the privacy of their people. What is worse, according to ACLU is that FBI isn’t even openly accepting the fact they have been tampering and playing with people’s privacies which in itself means the FBI that is there to make people abide to the laws and regulations of the country are themselves breaking these sacred laws that will protect the people.


The ACLU decided to file a case against the FBI and take them to court after the FBI did not accept that they were tampering with the privacies of the people. The ACLU demand the FBI to release the necessary records of them breaking encryptions of laptops and phones. According to the ACLU, their full demand is that they want the government to release the necessary software that the FBI’s EDAU uses to pass through the encryption of laptops and phones that are personal to their users.

Apple has always tried to bring about an iOS that would not be able to get hacked or its encryption could be broken by someone, but despite their best efforts, somehow their iOS has some flaw that major security agencies try to break into. Officially, there is no record ever released by the FBI that they can bypass the encryption of the iOS devices, many things have yet to come to light.




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