Facebook has revised its Inauguration Day plans to include a temporary ban on advertisement that promotes firearms hardware and security equipment at least until January 22nd “out of abundance of caution,” the firm said in a new blog Saturday.

“They also ban advertisements for guns, ammo and firearm upgrades like silencers. But now we’re also going to ban advertisements for accessories like gun safes, jackets and gun holders in the US,” reads the text. The ban comes after Facebook was denounced for allowing posts across its sites to support and coordinate the deadly 6th January attack on the Capitol Building. Military equipment advertisements, such as body armor and gun holders, ran beside Facebook and Instagram posts about the Capitol uprising, which included calls for violence, as first reported by BuzzFeed News

A group of Senators wrote a letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Friday, urging the company to “establish and enforce a policy on Facebook that permanently bans advertising of goods… It is mainly intended for use in deadly operational and armed combat operations.”

Facebook has strengthened its policies in the light of the fear that there could be more unrest in the nation’s capital before the inauguration on 20 January. The company says that it would not allow people to make events that take place “in close proximity” to the White House, the Capitol, or State Capital Buildings through Opening Day. Facebook also said that it was carrying out a “secondary review” of all inauguration-related events produced on its site and that it would delete any event that violates its laws. This is the right step to take, especially when the nation is divided, this is a time when the whole nation needs a new identity, and Joe Biden becoming the next US President will give the US that much needed identity that the world is looking for.



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