This new study says that 5 percent of the residents of Wuhan may have the COVID-19 virus.

A study done by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention has told that almost 500,000 people which makes up 5 percent of the population of Wuhan may have the COVID-19 virus in them, which is a lot and can spread like wildfire if not monitored.


The population of Wuhan is 11 million and 500,000 people have been infected with the virus, which is half a million. The COVID-19 virus can spread very easily in groups, and China’s Wuhan province being densely populated makes it bad news for China. The report says that it has 500,000 people infected, but previously, it was said that the cases in Wuhan are only 50,000, which is 10 times less than the report.


The study that was conducted this year had 34,000 people taking part in it, and their samples were used. Researchers found that the province of Wuhan has 500,000 cases, not 50,000, and that it should be taken care of by the Chinese government. This study came before the international scientists could come and investigate the origins of the virus; the scientists are expected to come next month to study the history of the virus in Wuhan. The numbers haven’t spread to other provinces according to the CDC report such as the province of Hubei when compared to Wuhan, have very a smaller number of COVID-19 cases, which is a good thing. The virus was traced back to a “wet market” in Wuhan, where it is said to have made the transition from animals to human beings.


Whatever the case is, everything will come clear once the world gets to study the origins of the virus next month, for the time being things seem under control with vaccines coming out and studies being done on the new variant of the COVID-19.




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