TV is an essential part of our home nowadays. Sitting back on a couch and watching TV is all we need after a hectic day. If you love to watch TV and want to upgrade your TV, then you do not necessarily need to spend a huge amount of money to buy a smart TV. Today, you can get a decent TV at a very affordable price that will deliver a decent viewing experience. Most of these TVs have many small features that eliminate the need for an external streaming device. There are TVs of any size as required in a reasonable range for everyone. We recommend getting the best possible channel lineup for your smart TV. Spectrum silver package outshines them all on all fronts.

Below you will find the best TVs that are budget-friendly and are worth buying.

1- Samsung UE43TU7100:

It is the best budget TV so far. It performs well in almost every type of content. The specifications that it offers include the following:

– It has a 43 inches screen size display.

– Its resolution is 4K.

– The HDR formats that are supported are HDR 10, HDR 10+, and HLG.

– The operating system is Samsung Tizen

This is among the cheapest 4K TVs that Samsung is currently offering. You can consider this because:

-It has impressive sharpness and detail.

– It is tonally balanced.

2- TCL 6- Series:

Most people do not have massive budgets for a new TV, but they want to buy one that will last. One of our very favorites is the TCL 6- Series. It is a 4k TV that has advanced technology like quantum dots and local dimming great for bright colors and for deeper black respectively with a built-in operating system Roku.

TCL provides an image quality that we would expect from Samsung and LG models in the cost which is double the cost of this TV. It has a high-dynamic-range format, which provides extraordinarily vivid colors.

3- Sony A8H 4K OLED TV:

If you feel that watching TV is one of the most peaceful pleasures, then there is no better option than Sony A8H 4K OLED TV. You will be mesmerized by the excellent picture quality produced by this TV. It will surely change the way you see your favorite shows or movies.


If you want to get the best picture quality out there, you should get any OLED TV and LG is your option that manufactures TVs with this technology. They are better because they light up pixel by pixel. They do not have a backlight, and when you see black areas of the screen, they are in reality as black as possible. This gives excellent contrast and is perfect for darker scenes in movies.


If you love to watch horror movies, the best way to enjoy these movies is on OLEX TV. But they are expensive. The BX is the most affordable option out there that you can avail right now. Just like its siblings, BX has the same deep blacks, hyper-usable interfaces but a less stable & smaller stand and slightly weaker processing. Despite these, the BX still has the best picture quality we have seen this year.

6- Good TVs under $700:

The Hisense H9G ($800) is another worth considering option when it comes to having a budget-friendly TV with amazing picture quality and features. It has great local dimming and a bright dot-enabled display. Its operating system is Android which is not as perfect and easy as the Roku interface. Other than that, it is a great option to consider.

The Vizio M-Series Quantum 50-Inch ($440) also makes it to the list due to its affordability. Vizio makes some of the best affordable televisions out there. It has excellent local dimming technology.


The above selections are our recommendations for the best cheap TVs. While no TVs are perfect, most of them are great enough to please everyone and the differences are negligible unless you really look for them.  We believe that a cheaper TV wins over an expensive TV if the difference and the technology are not worth it.

No matter what TV you choose to buy, make sure that it contains all the features you want and it should be worth paying for. Its resolution, picture quality, and operating system are important factors to consider.




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