Due to the coronavirus pandemic, especially during the peak of the second wave around the world, this is the second time Amazon is giving out $300 bonuses to its front-line workers who are at most risk of contracting the virus.

On Thursday, Amazon announced that it will be giving out a special holiday bonus package to the front-line workers of the company, the bonus package will be given of 150 to 300 dollars.

Why is Amazon giving out a 300-dollar bonus to its main front-line workers?


Because Amazon wants to appreciate the sheer hard work and effort of their workers especially during the holiday season where the coronavirus is at its peak for the second time ever since it started to spread. Amazon also understands that these front-line workers put their lives on the line just so people can have their goodies they order from the massive global website that has made life a lot easier as everything can be ordered at your doorsteps in a matter of days or month at most.

Amazon has made the bonus package eligible for fulltime workers and parttime workers. According to Dave Clark who is the senior vice president of Amazon in retail operations has said that the parttime workers will be given a bonus of $150 while the fulltime workers of Amazon will be given a bonus of $300, starting from December the 1st till December the 31st.

Dave Clark has also said that Amazon’s team is doing an amazing work by providing essential services and needs to their customers. He also said that Amazon has helped families be ready to celebrate the much awaited and much needed holidays, especially because of the pressure of the coronavirus all year around. Dave Clark also said that he is very proud of the teams who are working for this cause.

The lockdown imposed by coronavirus has made Amazon’s profit go up three times more in the third quarter—it has become a driving force, the mean reason for Amazon’s success and its importance in this hard time. The profits may have increase three times more but that came at a cost which was that the company had a hard time executing the safety protocols at its warehouses, mainly because the workers had protested that they weren’t being given better protection from the ongoing coronavirus while working.

Amazon tackled this by hiring more workers and implementing new and better safety protocols. The company also introduced a testing routine, rigorous cleanings, and especially wearing of masks.

Just last month, Amazon revealed that more than 20,000 of workers in the United States had tested positive for COVID-19, which shows that Amazon’s fight against the virus is far from being over. For this reason, Amazon announced its first round of bonus which in full was $500 million in the month of June. Due to the hard work done by its workers during the first peak of coronavirus it had announced a package of total $500 million to its front-line workers.

And because of this, the workers have been able to work a little better and Amazon has seen a great increase in its profits. Seeing that it helped Amazon before, they announced another package for December, which is being welcomed by all of its workers.


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