It is a small yet, quite fancy looking watch, but there are other things as well.

A new watch has been officially released by Garmin, and it has a cute name, it is called “Lily”. The main reason it is subjected towards women, is because Garmin says that this smartwatch is for women and made by women. Since it is made by women, it will have all the necessary things that women usually love, like being small, compact, and eye-catching.

Garmin has released Lily in two formats, the first format is the sports edition, this edition costs a total of 199 dollars, while the other edition which is called the Classic Edition costs a total of 250 dollar, it is also accompanied with a leather band.

Garmin says that this is a watch that women have been waiting for all this time, and according to Android Authority’s Lily Katz, the smartwatch is fashionable, it is fancy, it is compact and graceful, but in order to achieve all these things that women look for—it traded itself with other things to achieve the style it boasts.

According to Garmin, Lily is the smartwatch that is made for women and that they have been waiting for all this time.

The main reason Garmin says that it is designed for women, is because of its size, it is small, it has a diameter of only 34.5mm, while Apple’s smallest watch is 40mm, which is also what women go for, but Garmin went even lower it really makes the watch look compact and stylish, like an accessory or a bracelet.

It is a touch sensitive screen, and it has a classic look to it, looks like a regular stylish watch, but it also has the smart features in it, the reason it has a monochromatic screen is because it will help save battery life in it, according to Garmin. The watch can work for 5 days in one go because of its size, which is amazing. Lily can track workouts, stress levels, periods, pregnancies, steps, and sleep, all these features make it a must have for women, a must have smartwatch, of course.









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