Welcome to Crypto Cuddles!

Welcome to Crypto Cuddles, the CryptoKitties Battle Game! We've developed a fun, strategic and interactive game to bring more use to all the kitties you've purchased and given birth to. The goal of the game is to put together a sequence of up to 5 moves to get the most pets as possible.

Learn How to Play or Train your First Kitty!

CryptoCuddles works on Mobile with TrustWallet and Toshi!

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How To Play

Train your Kitty


Train your Kitty to get a personality and a set of moves. Each kitty will be given 1 default personality-specific move, 2 random personality-specific moves, and 2 random neutral moves.
Battle your Kitty


Select the kitty you want to battle with and create a sequence of moves within your energy range. Submit your sequence to get as many pets as possible.
Win CuddleCoins


Whichever cat gets the most pets wins! Every time you win you will level up and earn 10 CuddleCoins! We also don’t want to hurt any kitty’s feelings so if you come in 2nd place you’ll still get a consolation prize :)

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